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Fujian new fusing group company started in 1980, glass craft store, was registered in 1999 in fujian fuqing, headquarters is located in fuqing new fusing yuan hong investment zone industrial park, which owns new fusing glass co., LTD., fujian fuzhou new fusing glass co., LTD., fujian fusing new energy technology co., LTD. And Shanghai fu industry of new energy technology co., LTD., and other four companies, more than 1000 employees. In addition, it also controls two companies, such as coal mines and real estate.


Main industries are high-end architectural glass manufacturing and processing, photovoltaic glass manufacturing and processing, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic power station, etc., is a collection of low-e coated glass, solar photovoltaic glass substrate glass, glass production and deep processing of high-tech enterprises, is glass processing top 30 enterprises in China.

Group company has experienced from the "hard working, independent development and liquidity management" of the primitive accumulation to the "people-oriented, scientific management, innovation management" of the sustainable development process, has long been dedicated to constantly enrich and perfect in the field of glass processing. Now has advanced production equipment, plant, created the excellent work, living environment, produce excellent management and technical personnel, and create excellent performance, superior quality of glass products, safety, energy saving, environmental protection reached the world standard. Among them, the investment of 200 million yuan in 2009 newly built a low-e coating production line, and invest 300 million yuan in 2011 opened a day melt volume of 550 tons of ultra calender photovoltaic glass production lines, and smooth ignition production in early 2016, the annual output of 18 million m2 (3.2 mm), can provide the boost required for 2 gw of solar power photovoltaic solar ultra embossed glass, this is also in fujian province's second largest pv production line. 

The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO13001,ISO14001,TUV certification,SPF certification,3C certification and CE test for many years, and has been awarded the honor of China's processing glass 30 enterprises for four consecutive years. It is a famous brand product in fujian province. In 2017, he won the gold glass award and strategic partner of the 4th China glass network.


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