Tempered Glass

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  • Min order: 1000SQM
  • Supply Ability : 100000SQM
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    Product Name Tempered glass
    Term interpretation: * Toughened glass is dealt with heat treatment. It is characterized by the formation of a pressure stress layer on the surface of the glass. The mechanical strength and the strength of the heat-resistant impact are improved, and have a special state of debris.
     Product Specification  
    Product thickness 5mm~60mm
    Max size 2400*9000mm
    Min size 300mm*300mm
    Scope of application:  Door, window, curtain wall, escalator, fence, partition, building shield, interior decoration, furniture, household appliances
    Note 1.In the process of handling, we should pay attention to the protection of the angle of the tempered glass, because the stress of the tempered glass is most concentrated, and once the impact occurs, it may be completely broken. The relationship between the size of the tempered glass and the anti wind pressure should be fully considered into the design.
      2.Tempered glass can’t be re-cut.
      3.Tempered glass has “explosive”risk. It is caused by the design,installation, area, its quality,usage, and floor level etc..Using homogeneous toughened glass or ultra white glass will reduce the probability of glass explosive
      4.Please comply with the corresponding technical specifications of installation, such as:JGJ 113- “technical specification for building glass application” (including provisions), JGJ102- “glass curtain wall engineering technical specification”, JGJ255- “lighting roof and metal roof technical specification”.

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