Insulating glass

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    Insulating glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, separated with spacer bar evenly and sealed tightly.

    Picture(the different anti-reflective color of insulating glass/ the dew point test of insulating glass)

    Product feature:

    * Anti-condensation: the dew point temperature of the insulating glass is -40℃.it’s 15℃lower than that of the ordinary glass.

    * Sound insulation: insulating glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, so the sound absorption and insulation is better than ordinary glass.

    * Heat insulation:between the two glass of the insulating glass, there is sealed and filled with stagnant dry air

    * Complex property: insulating glass adopts tinted glass, sun-controlled coated glass, Low-e coated glass, colored glazing glass, fireproof glass,bullet-proof glass etc., so it has the property of its components.

    * Scope of application: building door, window,curtain wall, dividers, commercial refrigerator door etc.


    * When insulating glass using tinted glass,sun-controlled glass, Low-E coated glass,it should take measures to anti heat cracking.

    * THE insulating glass should be filled with inert gas when it install in high-rise building, to prevent the decrease of its lifetime and the distortion of glass image.(Please pay attention to the influence of different altitude )

    * Insulating glass can’t be re-cut.

    * The filling sealant should use neutral material, or it will easily cause the evaporation of molecular material and destroy the stability of original sealant.

    * In one engineering project, it’d better using the same technology(sun-controlled coated glass, Low-e coated glass) to avoid chromatic aberration.

    * Follow the requirements of “outdoor visible light reflectivity ” under different environmental conditions.

    * When coated glass made into arched tempered glass, we should pay attention to the product’s radius, it would cause dazzling if the radius is too small.

    * Please comply with the corresponding technical specifications of installation, such as:JGJ 113- “technical specification for building glass application” (including provisions), JGJ102- “glass curtain wall engineering technical specification”, JGJ255- “lighting roof and metal roof technical specification”.


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