Laminated glass

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    Product Name Laminated glass
    Product Specification  
    Product thickness  5mm~60mm
    Maximum size 3050﹡6000mm
    Term interpretation:  Laminated glass: it is composed by laminating two or more layers of glass with some plastic films in between. Generally, it most used two glass laminated with plastic materials inter-layer.
      Safety laminated glass: when broken, the inter-layer can protect from cutting or stabbed dangerous by limiting thecrack opening and supplying the residual resistance
      Symmetrical laminated glass: from outer surface to centre, the glass ,plastic and inter-layer materials are same in type,thickness and characteristics.
      Unsymmetrical laminated glass:from outer surface to centre, the glass ,plastic and inter-layer materials are different intype,thickness and characteristics.
      Inter-layer plays the coherency and isolation roles between glass and glass. It makes the laminated glass strong and have the propertiesof shock resistance,sunlight control, sound insulation and so on.. The common types of inter-layers includes: PVB/EVA/SGP.
       I- Laminated glass, is not required for pellet bag impact test, it can’t be used as safety glass.
       II- 1 Laminated glass, shot bag impact from 1200mm, the impact results satisfied the rule 6.11.
      II- 2 Laminated glass, shot bag impact from 750mm, the impact results satisfied the rule 6.11.
    Product characteristics: Safety: Laminated glass with plastic film in between, strong and sticky, once broken, few of  the cracks fall off. It can avoid the personal injury and property lost.
       Security guard:since the laminated glass has excellent shock resistance and penetration resistance, so in a certain period of time can withstand the attack of hammer, crowbar,bricks and other tools of crime attack.
      Thermal insulation:colorful PVB film can control the acquisition of heat and most of the heat can be taken away by re-radiation and convection.
       Sound insulation:laminated glass can absorb the sound energy and converted it into heat.
       Sunlight control and UV-proof:PVB film can filter out more than 99% of the UV light and the defense capability is durable.
    Scope of application: building doors, windows, curtain walls, lighting roofs, guardrails,booth, interior decoration,furniture.
    Note: The sealant filled between glass and glass must be made of neutral material, otherwise the laminated glass will be degumedbecause of the oil volatilization in the sealant.
      Ordinary laminated glass should not be cut at the construction site. The laminated tempered glass can’t be cut.
      When using the asymmetric laminated glass, the making difficulty,yields and cost should be taken into consideration.
      * Laminated glass should not be used in the condition that the temperature exceed 70°(such as bathroom),otherwise it will easily cause film bubbles.
       The laminated glass should be fitted with a frame.
       During installation, the structure should be water-proof to prevent water from entering the slot, otherwise the film will be separated from the glass easily and lose efficacy.
      According to JGJ102-Technical Specification for glass curtain wall, the exposed PVB laminated edge should be sealed.
       Low-E glass and sun-controlled coated glass are difficult of making laminated glass.
       The middle layer thickness are designed according to the application part、bearing requirements and safety index. The thickness can’t be changed randomly, or it will lower the safety index. Generally, the PVB film thickness should less than 0.76mm.
      Please comply with the corresponding technical specifications of installation, such as:JGJ 113- “technical specification for building glass application” (including provisions), JGJ102- “glass curtain wall engineering technical specification”, JGJ255- “lighting roof and metal roof technical specification”.

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